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Valarie is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider.

Board Certified through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and locally licensed since 1998 through the WV Board of Massage Therapy.  

She is also  and a member of Associated Body Work and Massage Professionals (ABMP

Please call 304-203-3535 or email for more information of any of these workshops.
Click <<HERE>> to download or print a registration form in PDF format.

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Date Offered

Refreshing the Skills  

August 7, 2016  Lost Creek, WV

October 2-3, 2016 Summit Inn, Farmington, PA

Ethics: Boundaries & Relationships

August 7, 2016  Lost Creek, WV

Self Care for the Therapist

To be scheduled

Nurturing The Mother
Body, Mind, Spirit approach 
to Pregnancy Massage  3 day class with certification

July 22-23-24, 2016 Mountain State School of Massage, Charleston, WV

Integrative Reflexology
3 day class with certification

October 14-15-16, 2016 Mountain State School of Massage, Charleston, WV

Introduction to Thai Massage

Sept 16-17-18, 2016  Lost Creek, WV

Ayurvedic Head Massage

August 13, 2016  Lost Creek, WV

August 21, 2016  Mountain State School of Massage, Charleston, WV

*****CLASSES FOR 2015*****

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A light and livley discussion on Ethical Boundaries & Relationships... that help us show the best of ourselves.  That keeps our egos and our insecurities out of our sessions and keeps us honest in our business and profession.  Who doesn't need that?!!!
This workshop is for the professional body worker and fulfills the requirement for re-certification and licensure.  
Includes the standards and practices of the NCBTMB.

3 CE credit hours    $30     
August 7, 2016 Sunday afternoon, 3:00, at the end of Refreshing the Skills class

Natural Touch, Lost Creek, WV
Space is limited... call or email soon to reserve your space.

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Learn some new techniques, brush up on some old ones, and get lots of bodywork done, too! This workshop may cover: DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE, techniques for AYURVEDIC HEAD MASSAGE, brush up on REFLEXOLOGY and SOOTHING SWEDISH skills, MEDITATION, a variety of techniques to choose from. 
 A great refresher workshop to get the rough edges off of your tired and weary out massage sequence.
Lunch is included….. RUB AND GRUB!!

August 7, 2016
4 Continuing Education Hours $40  Ethics is after class at 3:00
Natural Touch in Lost Creek, WV

October 2-3, 2016 (Sunday and Monday)
16 Continuing Education Hours $200
At the Summit Inn, Farmington, PA
Come and refresh your skills at the mountain top and enjoy a wonderful lunch too!
Contact Nick Perazolla, LMT at (724) 437-0138 for registration and information
or call, email or text me!!

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Approximately 80% of people who start out in the exciting field of massage & bodywork will drop out after the first 2 years! Mostly due, among other factors, to their hands giving out and not possessing the physical stamina to do their work. Important aspects of self-care, such as overuse syndromes, burnout prevention, building strength, coordination, and flexibility, social support, and stress management are some of the topics that will be addressed in this workshop. There will be lots of self-help 'tools' to learn about and use in the class.
16 Continuing Education Hours $300 
(** Lunch is included!!)
9:00 AM -5:00 PM Saturday & Sunday
To be Scheduled
Natural Touch, Lost Creek, WV
Space is limited... call or email soon to reserve your space.

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A Claire Marie Miller Seminar, Inc 

There are reflex areas in the hands and feet that correspond to every part of the body including the organs and glands.  These parts can be affected by stimulating the appropriate reflex areas.  Reflexology is used to relieve stress and tension, stimulate deep relaxation, improve the blood supply and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses to normalize and balance the entire body. Reflexologists apply precise pressure to release blockages that inhibit energy flow and cause pain and disease.  This affects the internal organs and glands by stimulating reflex points of the body. This targets and breaks up lactic acid and calcium crystals accumulated around the 7,200 nerve endings in each foot.  this is why we feel so much better when we get our feet treated. Reflexology is helpful for people with hypertension, anxiety, or painful conditions of the body.  It is a safe and simple way to induce relaxation and a genuine sense of ell-being and to help the body to heal itself.

"Bring the Feet to Life" was designed to introduce conceptually and in practice, the four theory integrated approach. This approach which teaches "the parts that make a whole," helps make reflexology make sense. The workshop creatively weaves together: the theories of structural integrations through foot alignment; meridians as precursors to modern foot reflexology; zones as a grid application to finding the reflex points and areas; and proprioceptors, the messengers to the nervous systems and to the organs.

Integrative Reflexology, created by Claire Marie Miller and taught by Valarie,  is a fun, easy on your fingers,  and a common sense way to learn and practice Reflexology.
see Claire's site  Integrative Reflexology   for more information or just email Valarie

3-Day Integrative Reflexology
24 Continuing Education Hours
***This class includes certification***
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

October 14-15-16,2016
 at Mountain State School of Massage, Charleston, WV
call 304-926-8822

Space is limited... call soon to reserve your space.

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THAI YOGA MASSAGE or Nuad Bo-Rarn is an ancient healing system combining Indian Ayurvedic principles, Eastern acupressure techniques and assisted yoga postures..  THAI YOGA MASSAGE is sometimes referred to as "Yoga for lazy people". It is performed on a floor mat, comfortable clothing is worn and no oils or creams are used. 
 This workshop will introduce you to the style, rhythm, and method of THAI YOGA MASSAGE. 
In this 24 hr workshop, Valarie, will give a brief history of Thai Massage, introduce the four traditional positions in Thai Massage (front, side, back and sitting), teach the basic traditional techniques and postures, so that when put together in a flowing sequence, the practitioner can provide a session for 60-90 minutes. 
This workshop is open to the professional and non-professional. 
Basic anatomy and bodyworks skills is helpful.
No previous experience is required. 
(Ability to get down on floor and crawl on knees is necessary!!) 
Valarie has been studying in Thailand since 2003 and completed several courses of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai at ITM, With Lek C and with Pichet Boonthuume, in Montreal with various teachers from Asokananda's Sunshine Network and in the USA with C. Pierce Salguero.

24 Continuing Education Hours  $400 when paid in full before 9-1-2016… after that date $425 (** Lunch is included!!)
9:00 AM -6:00 PM
September 16-17-18, 2016
Natural Touch, Lost Creek, WV
Space is limited... call or email soon to reserve your space.

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Ayurvedic Head Massage

Ayurvedic Head massage is a wonderfully, relaxing therapy that involves massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, and face.  it is safe, simple to learn, and very effective.  Ayurveda is the science of life and self-healing. it has its roots in India, dating back to more than 5000 years and is widely considered to be the oldest form of health care in the world.  In this 1-day course you will learn: the history, benefits and contraindications , the marma points and chakra system, oils to use and the techniques of giving a full one hour Ayurvedic Head Massage. 
A wonderful addition to any existing massage routine. This is a wonderful introduction to this modality and will spark your interest to learn more!


 8 Continuing Education Hours $150
(** Lunch is included!!)
9:00 AM -6:00 PM
Saturday, August 13, 2016
Natural Touch, Lost Creek, WV
Space is limited... call or email soon to reserve your space.


 8 Continuing Education Hours $160
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday, August 21,2016
 at Mountain State School of Massage, Charleston, WV
call 304-926-8822 to register

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A Claire Marie Miller Seminar, Inc 

9am - 6pm each day
3 Days !!  24 CE's $495

July 22-23-24, 2016
 at Mountain State School of Massage, Charleston, WV
call 304-926-8822 to register

A MIND-BODY-SPIRIT approach to Pregnancy Massage...
With fertility, labor, postpartum and infant massage.

Nurturing the Mother was conceived as a workshop and certification in 1990 by Claire Marie Miller. It was born out of the passion Claire has for pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. It is also born of the desire to support women having an empowered journey as they become the mothers of our future generation.
This a 24 CE and Certification course in Pregnancy, and Postpartum Massage. Additionally included within this course is:

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Pregnancy Massage demonstration and practice
  • Cautions and Contraindications for pregnancy massage
  • Guidelines for pregnancy massage for each trimester
  • Massage for High Risk moms
  • Massage for Labor
  • Massage on a pregnant volunteer
  • Postpartum Massage using the principles of ‘Mother Roasting’,
  • Birth videos shown to increase of awareness of the birth journey
  • Introduction to Newborn and Infant Massage
  • Learn about Rituals as a tool for empowerment for the mom and family, these are The Blessingway Navaho Birth Ceremony and the Birth Beads
  • How to marketing your skills, along with access for .ready to use. brochures and listing on the Nurturing the Mother website
  • Extensive resources are given for books, websites and informational groups surrounding pregnancy, birth and family

Certification Requirements

  • A Practical Assessment given when you massage a pregnant volunteer during the workshop.
  • Written Assessment completed by the end of the course and reviewed in class.
  • 24 Continuing Education hours and Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage Certification given at completion of the course.

What you will need to bring *****

  • The verbal story of when you were born. For some of you this may be difficult. You may try asking a relative for their earliest memory of your birth or infancy.
  • Bring your massage table. We will need one table per two therapists. Please check with the school/site when you register if you need to bring a massage table.
  • Dress professionally on the day with volunteer massages. (2nd day of 3 day workshop)
  • Bring three sets of linens. Include a towel or pillowcase for a breast drape.
  • Bring three to four pillows, the long body pillow is excellent.
  • Bring oil or lotion, unscented is preferred.
  • Bring a doll or stuffed animal for infant massage.

For more information see or give Valarie a call

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